pencil skirt (stitch fix) / blazer (similar style different color) / ruffle top- sold out / lace up flats

It’s been about a month since I’ve started blogging and it’s been kind of stressful!  Not just the photo poses or finding new content but really the biggest question is how in the heck am  I going to afford all of these clothes??? I feel a lot of pressure when reading other fashion blogger’s posts.  I feel like they are always featuring a new piece and linking the direct item for others to buy! I work in education and there is no way I can live that lifestyle even though I would LOVE to.  With that being said, I turned to pinterest for some closet inspiration.  I pulled together this outfit today with pieces that I’ve had in my closet for 6 months or more. Unfortunately that means I can’t link the exact item for y’all to buy, but I hope it provides some inspiration.  All it takes is a new combination for pieces in your wardrobe to come alive again.  Instead of reaching for your credit card to purchase that new sweater or new coat, I challenge you to go through what you already have and see if you can recreate the look you want with some flexibility.  My go-to inspiration site is pinterest. I love it because I can type in exactly the pieces I have to work with and so many inspiration photos come up! I’d really recommend it if you are in a closet slump, take a few pieces from your wardrobe and type them in the search on pinterest.  It can work wonders for a closet rejuvenation!

Happy pinning!



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