take me out to the ballgame

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dress: target – old (similar, love this, love this)
flannel: old navy -old
sneakers: h&m
hat: mlb

Fun fact time: my husband is Yankees obsessed and I wouldn’t really use the word obsessed lightly. If he had the choice between me and Derek Jeter he would probably pick Jeets….but who could blame him? lol He’s been going to spring training since high school and we are preparing for the annual trip this weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sports but dressing for games can be stressful for me. I am not a jersey wearing or team shirt type of girl- just not my thing.  I tend to be more on the girly side and so while I have been packing, I have been racking my brain about how to pull off a dress at a spring training game.  The answer- a chambray dress! Classic and can be dressed down with white keds!  I don’t think I will have to worry about the temperature in Florida, but as for Maryland, it would also be smart to tie a cute flannel around the waist as well for style and for warmth later if it’s a night game (this is obviously not my first rodeo lol).   As much as I love to be girly, I LOVE a good baseball hat.  Lucky for me the vintage Yankee hat is adorable and it is my favorite accessory when attending a game!

What is your go to sporting event outfit? I have another option in the works for you if you would rather rock shorts/pants sitting in the bleachers! Coming soon!

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One thought on “take me out to the ballgame

  1. You look so cute. I love to cover myself head to toe in sports logos. If you need some O’s gear please let me know ; )


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